Person Manager start

In order to use Chat, Ask, or Tell APIs you will need a persona to communicate with.

Setup is easy if you use the Persona Management web page provided. First you must subscribe to the API in RapidAPI, then you will need to copy your API Key. Open the Persona Manager at then past the key.

  1. Sedro Account Information – list of persona’s and subscription limits.
  2. Add a Persona – The added first name will be the persona name. Your subscription will limit how many you may have and how long they will be retained.
  3. Add some Knowledge – So that the Persona knows something. This information can be added multiple times here or added and extended via the tell API.
  4. Start a Chat – The Persona Chat button will start a test Chat

Chatbot Conversation Control and Integration

In The Sedro Project Persona Forms are used to manage conversations as well as to integrate commands and request with external services via RestAPIs.

More information on forms is provides in the API documentation, Form Documentation and will be covered in a later Blog Post.

Content Generation

The API for chat and ask respond with extended information to allow you to generate text on your own or use the response that we provided. Check the docs and the JSON in the response to get more information on this.

Security Concerns with your API Key?

Many of you may be concerned about submitting your Rapid API Key to some random site, understood. Alternate options

1) Use our REST APIs directly to do the same setup (see api documentation/Rapid API)

2) Download our Persona Manager and run it on your local machine or in your web service. You will need to modify the include paths in mgt.html to correspond with your .js placements.

Simple JavaScript API for the REST Apis:

Implementation of the GUI

The HTML for the GUI

To Be Continued…

Continue reading our blog to about Persona Forms for more details and examples on how to build functional chatbots, personal assistants and Language Interface with The Sedro Project.