Persona Form Sets for chatbots

Persona Form Sets for chatbots Allow a single file to retain all the forms for a persona in one place, making them easy to save, modify and reload. Role is added to each form to direct what it is doing in the persona, by default all are load unless the form type is action. Not […]

Digital Assistants via Background Forms

Digital Assistants via Background Forms Forms may also work in the background providing an invocation from the foreground (like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa) . Or they may stay in the background, recording/retrieving information or performing actions based on the conversation content. Background forms can be used to add simple note takers, personal assistance, inline […]

Chatbot RestAPI Integration

Chatbot RestAPI Integration Most Chatbots will require external integration to get or change information and perform actions. The Sedro Project provides 2 methods for external integration 1) Form based explicit REST API interactions 2) Action handler Forms (covered in a future blog). In this Blog post we will cover how to integrate API calls to […]

Chatbot Controls with Action Forms

Chatbot Controls with Action Forms Action forms allow for automatic mapping to controls in forms. For example you could use an action form to map controls for a light, to turn it on/off up and down. With an Action form you define an object and what it can do, Sedro then will call the corresponding […]

Chatbot Control Events

Chatbot Control Events Events are added to a Persona Form to perform specific inline tasks, such as resetting the form, closing the connection or saving the data. Here we cover the syntax for each and provide an example. General syntax Events are always <input> in a <form> and must have a name and data-type=’event’ <input […]

Getting started with Chatbots

Getting Started with Chatbots and Forms Persona Forms are used by The Sedro Project as a tool to manage and map content to and conversations. Forms are written in simple XML much like an HTML form. They allow the definition of inputs, labels, content validation, events and a bit more. Each Persona may have Forms […]

Person Manager start

Setting up a Persona

In order to use Chat, Ask, or Tell APIs you will need a persona to communicate with. Setup is easy if you use the Persona Management web page provided. First you must subscribe to the API in RapidAPI, then you will need to copy your API Key. Open the Persona Manager at then past […]

Chat with Fiona

NLU Question and Answer

NLU Question and Answer Questions are automatically identified in all content (with or without proper punctuation) and evaluated to determine the proper answer. Much of the time the answer will not be known, some of the time it will be very generic (from ontology ancestry). But many of the questions will be answered simply and […]

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Person Perspective in NLP

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Person Perspective in NLP Natural Language Processors must identify the correct Grammatical person for words, objects and phrases so that it can correctly map references and utilize the information correctly. Here we are going to take a look at how they are mapped and how Sedro tags the information and […]